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Boosting the transformation of the Spanish Startup Ecosystem

We partner early. We're comfortable with the rough imperfection of a new venture.

We’re looking to back people with focus on design, revolutionary products, and who dream of leading the market they’re in.

Iñaki Arrola Iñaki Arrola

Former entrepreneur at coches.com. Business angel and venture capitalist at Vitamina K. Looking to help companies grow from the start, based on my experience as an entrepreneur.

Carina Szpilka Carina Szpilka

Former CEO of ING Direct in France and Spain. I want to help startups in disrupting the industries they operate in and improving people’s lifes.

Ian Noel Ian Noel

Venture Capitalist. exPortfolio Manager Bonsai Venture Capital. My dream is that Spain becomes a global leader in the startup race.

Pablo Ventura Pablo Ventura

Former Partner and Managing Director of JME Venture Capital and FJME. I think Spain is going to be an outlier Venture Capital market in the next years.

Jaime Novoa Jaime Novoa

For many years I covered the Spanish startup ecosystem from the outside, as a journalist and data analyst. Next step is help its transformation from the inside.

Ignacio Larru Ignacio Larrú

CFO, former investment banker and software developer. Helping bridge the gap between new technologies and venture investment while keeping finances in check

We focus on early stage technology businesses that have international ambition and follow a design-driven approach.